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7312 Louetta Rd B118 #606


Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. Specializing in GIA certified diamonds, gemstones, and custom design jewelry made in America.


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J&M Jewelry partners with Texas State University Internship Programs

J&M Jewelry™

J&M Jewelry has started a working partnership with Texas State University in San Marcos Texas to offer career opportunities that are accepted by the internship program for both the sales and marketing related degrees at the university. For more information about those internship opportunities contact us by clicking here


Limited Edition Asher & Emerald Collection™ Release

J&M Jewelry™

We are super excited to announce the release of our limited edition bezel set cocktail ring from our Asher & Emerald Collection™. This ring is sure to be a show stopper and it features a genuine 20 x 20 mm Asscher cut gemstone mounted in 14k gold. This ring is available in 7 genuine gemstone colors and 3 metal selections. Don't wait too long because when this limited edition number is reached that is it, we wont be making anymore!

For more information on our Asher & Emerald Collection™ click here or contact us for additional information.

Large 20 x 20 mm Bezel Set Asscher Cut Cocktail Ring

J&M Jewelry Launches New Local Gemstone Divison

J&M Jewelry™

J&M Jewelry has been cutting & polishing diamonds and gemstones since the early stages of our business. Normally our gemstone & diamond cutting has been conducted through our overseas and New York operations. We have decided to open a separate division for cutting and polishing gemstones that will be based in Houston Texas. This division will focus on cutting and polishing rough gemstones as well as repairing broken and damaged gemstones.. At this time this division will focus only on colored gemstones and we will be adding diamond cutting and repair to this Houston division in the future. We offer next week service for re-polishing, re-faceting, and cutting from the rough material. Secured and insured shipping services are available. Large volume orders for production are available as well. Whether you need one stone repaired or you have a large production order we can provide excellent master cutter services. You are more than welcome to provide us with your own rough material for single stones or mass production orders or we can provide the rough and stone cutting services together. For additional information please email us.

Gemstone Polishing.jpg