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8777 W Rayford Rd
The Woodlands, TX, 77389
United States


Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. Specializing in GIA certified diamonds, gemstones, and custom design jewelry made in America.


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Jewelry Resolutions for 2018

J&M Jewelry™


Indulge in Quality NOT Quantity

You've spent long enough considering buying those beautiful ruby earrings and that versatile diamond tennis bracelet. Go and make them yours already! Invest in a piece or pieces that match your style and can be worn with many different outfits. 

Cleaning and Servicing on a Regular Basis

Clean your jewelry monthly – especially your wedding and engagement ring. The better you take care of luxury jewelry the longer it will last. Make sure your precious possessions sparkle all year around with J&M Jewelry's full line of servicing available here. 

Switch Up the Usual

Do you like to play it safe with diamond jewelry? It's time to try something new! Add a pop of color with colored gemstones! J&M Jewelry has access to all precious gemstones including but not limited to rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and more!

Jewelry Last

Whenever getting ready for that special occasion make sure to remember to put jewelry on last. Chemicals in lotion, makeup, hair products, etc. can ruin the sparkle and color of your luxury jewelry. Regular servicing and cleaning can help those precious items remain like new. 

Keep Collection Organized

Store jewelry in an organized container to ensure chains don't tangle, stones don't touch and metals don't rub together. Place jewelry pieces in separate pouches or different compartments to prevent scratches. Do your best to avoid temperature change and moisture.

Shop Online

Buying jewelry online is both easy and exciting. The designs and possibilities are unlimited and anything but usual. Working with a custom jeweler like J&M Jewelry provides you with a plethora of inventory and design options that wouldn't be available at a traditional retail jeweler. J&M Jewelry has an extensive assortment of diamond and colored gemstones. Even more, shop with J&M for our customization options, return and refund policies, and amazing discounts that will make your shopping experience even more delightful.

Contact us now to begin your perfect jewelry resolution for 2018!