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Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. Specializing in GIA certified diamonds, gemstones, and custom design jewelry made in America.


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5 Different Cuts of Diamonds, What Makes Them Unique?

J&M Jewelry™

There are many different cuts or shapes of diamonds, but what makes each of them unique?

Every cut has its own story. What’s yours?


The brilliant aka round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape available. It’s known for its timeless design and versatility. This cut fits beautifully in a solitaire or halo setting. Round cut diamonds are the perfect cut for a bride who loves retro style.

The princess aka square cut diamond is defined by its perfect 90° angles. This princess is another popular cut. It gives a little more edge to the traditional style, because of the sharp geometric contrast the facets create. This cut is perfect for the bride who loves to walk a little bit one the wild side, while still keeping it classy.

The cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangle diamond that has rounded corners making the shape look like a pillow. It’s a very trendy cut that looks beautiful haloed in diamonds or gemstones. The large facets of the cut allow for beautiful dispersion, giving off an array of colors. The cushion cut diamond is perfect for a bride who likes to switch it up between elegant and casual.

The pear aka tear drop cut diamond has a unique, feminine shape. One side is rounded, while the other side is a point, this contrast makes for a delicate and stunning choice. This cut is very trendy and makes an interesting silhouette for a custom wedding band to attach to. The pear cut is perfect for a bride who loves the finer things in life.

The oval cut is a beautiful balance between a round cut and a pear cut diamond. The shape is great for showcasing the sparkle of a round diamond within an elongated form. Paired with a halo to makes the oval shape more elevated and romantic. Oval cut diamonds make for beautiful and simple solitaire rings, perfect for the bride who thinks less is more.

At J&M Jewelry we pride ourselves on offering only the best selection of genuine diamond and gemstones to our customers. All of our stones are in abeyance to the Kimberly Process. Shop our selection of ready-to-ship engagement rings and wedding bands, or submit a custom order request to design your one-of-a-kind dream ring. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing loose diamonds or gemstones.