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8777 W Rayford Rd
The Woodlands, TX, 77389
United States


Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. Specializing in GIA certified diamonds, gemstones, and custom design jewelry made in America.


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Understanding Synthetic Diamonds

J&M Jewelry™

With the advancements in technology today there is no industry that is exempt from the constant changes these advancements provide. The jewelry industry is no different. Ever since the discovery of diamonds there has been a demand to try and duplicate this material. Some of the common diamond synthetics have been cubic zirconium, mossianite, and others. Recently there has been a new more advanced diamond synthetic hit the market called CVD which stands for Chemical Vapor Disposition. CVD stands for the process in which these synthetic diamonds are created. Unlike an earth mined genuine diamond that is formed in nature, these CVD diamonds are created in a laboratory. Essentially they are grown by a human. One of the largest factors effecting the value of natural genuine diamonds is the supply and demand. Unlike natural diamonds, these CVD diamonds can be produced in an unlimited supply. This unlimited supply will undoubtedly have an effect on the value of these CVD diamonds on the secondary market. When you purchase a genuine earth mined diamond we encourage you to consider it an investment. Only genuine earth mined diamonds that are GIA certified is the only way to protect your investment. At J&M Jewelry we have said, NO to offering synthetic diamonds. We only offer high quality earth mined diamonds that are GIA certified to our customers. We have advanced equipment and rigorous methods for screening diamonds to ensure we are only providing genuine earth mined diamonds. For more information about CVD diamonds or to inquiry about our current inventory of diamonds please contact us today! We would love to educate you and earn your business in the process.

Rough CVD Diamond Material

Rough CVD Diamond Material