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J&M Jewelry has an excellent reputation for product quality and customer service. Read our reviews from happy customers.

J&M Jewelry has a reputation for excellence in both product quality and customer service. We service both the private customer as well as the business 2 business markets. Here is some of what our customers are saying about us below. For more reviews please visit our GoogleFacebook pages.

Craig - Mount Antero Treasures - Colorado

“When Mount Antero Treasures started producing world class aquamarine gems from our mine in Colorado, we wanted to make sure we partnered with the most talented and experienced operation we could find. We are happy to say we found everything we hoped for and more in J&M Jewelry, from the world class jewelry services to providing worldwide marketing services to take our company to the next level. The amount of attention and detail J&M provides is unrivaled as far as we are concerned. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with J&M”

Buena Vista Colorado Customer Review

Allison with Blessed Events - Houston

Houston Texas Customer Review

"I was first introduced to J&M Jewelry through some clients of mine, and have recently had the immense pleasure of getting to work with them in a business to business setting. I've discovered that there are two great joys in the experience that one has with J&M. One is J&M's dedication to really working with their customers to provide and create a brilliant and beautifully crafted piece of jewelry, and the other is their outstanding attention to customer service and satisfaction. I have so enjoyed every experience that my clients and I have shared with J&M Jewelry, and look forward to recommending them to friends, family and future clients for many years to come." 

Ryan & Amanda - The Woodlands

"My finance and I spent many months looking at different styles of diamond engagement rings from Tiffany's and many other retailers.  When we spoke to J&M Jewelry we already had our custom design in mind and new exactly which loose diamond we wanted.  We emailed a picture of the ring we decided on and the details on the diamond we were searching for and within 24 hours J&M provided me with a quote for the ring and options of available diamonds that fit our criteria.  I could not be happier with the over all product and the savings we got." 

The Woodlands Customer Review
New York Customer Review

Kim - New York

"J&M has the highest quality diamonds and gold jewelry available!  There prices are never the lowest but their quality is always the best bang for the buck!  Highly recommended!" 

Susan - Dallas

"I had some jewelry that had been passed down from my mother.  I contacted J&M about repairing some of the pieces and possibly selling some of the other items.  Not only did they repair the items for reasonable prices and made them look new.  They even offered me a very price for some of the other wedding bands, necklaces and pendants, and white gold pieces I did not want to keep.  I used that cash to buy a custom piece I have always wanted."  

Dallas Texas Customer Reviews
San Fransisco Customer Reviews

Jasmine - San Francisco

"I ordered some pearl jewelry earrings and went I received they one pair didn't clip correctly.  I immediately contacted J&M on their customer support chat and explained the problem.  Within just a few days I had a completely new pair shipped to me completely free.  They even paid to ship back the broken ones for free."  

David - North Hollywood

"I tried to purchase a diamond on Blue Nile's website and I was contacted by a representative of theirs stating the diamond I had just purchased was no longer available.  They offered to send me a comparable diamond but I declined.  I contacted J&M Jewelry after coming across their collection of awesome diamond jewelry online.  I saw that they had a larger diamond for a lower price.  I had the diamond delivered within 3 days."  

North Hollywood California Customer Reviews
Alberta Canada Customer Review

Mark & Sylvia - Alberta, Canada

"I updated my wife's ring and I was personally referenced to J&M by a very close friend of mine.  They were able to use my existing diamond from my first ring and include that in the new design.  The ring looks perfect and my wife is very happy.   That makes me very happy too!"

Kendra - Austin

"The designers at J&M created me a very detailed pave vintage inspired bracelet and matching citrine drop earrings.  One of the diamonds and gemstones kept falling out when the bracelet would get snagged on something.  I contact J&M to tell them the issue and they were very nice and attentive to the issues.  They corrected the problem and created a wonderful solution."  

Austin Texas Customer Reviews
Houston Texas Customer Review

Jack & Linda - Houston

"J&M provided me an estimate for a custom design I had in mind.  The quote  from J&M was higher than others I had received.  The representative showed me a comparison of their quote versus others.  When the details were explained I understood the price difference. "  

Nir - Tel Aviv, Israel

"We have a few high end retail stores and a loose diamond manufacturing facility.  We have contacted J&M on many occasions to see if they have a specific diamond we had a request for.  Every time we have contacted J&M they have been able to provide us with a high quality diamond at a reasonable wholesale price." 

Tel Aviv Israel Customer Review
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