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8777 W Rayford Rd
The Woodlands, TX, 77389
United States


Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. Specializing in GIA certified diamonds, gemstones, and custom design jewelry made in America.


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If You Are Purchasing A Diamond This Holiday Season Make Sure You Know These Questions

J&M Jewelry™

With the holidays right around the corner there’s a good chance you might be in the market for a diamond? A few very important questions to make sure you fully understand are below:

1) Am I buying a genuine earth mined diamond or is it a synthetic diamond made in a lab that is being marketed as a real diamond? Genuine earth mined diamonds have a limited supply. Since synthetic diamonds have an unlimited supply simple economics tells us synthetic diamonds don’t have the same value as a genuine diamond.

2) Is my genuine diamond GIA Certified? This is very important and be sure your diamond has a GIA Diamond Grading Report and not just an appraisal performed by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Certifications and appraisals are not the same thing.

3) Has my diamond been enhanced? There are a lot of enhancements that genuine diamonds can go through including laser drilling, fracture filling, and acid washing just to name a few. Purchasing a GIA Certified Diamond will ensure your diamond is free from enhancements and treatments.

4) Are you purchasing your diamond in a retail setting? If so, you are paying too much. Diamonds are a commodity and their pricing is based off current market pricing. Retailers are charging far above these market values so they can sustain their high over head business models. Many times they might call themselves a wholesaler but it’s just a marketing term they are using.

At J&M Jewelry we specialize in genuine earth mined diamonds that are GIA Certified and free of enhancements or treatments. We are TRUE wholesalers not just using that term for marketing. Our pricing is based on the current market value and we disclose that information to our customers up front at the point of sale. Unlike retail jewelers that are selling synthetic diamonds and non GIA Certified Diamonds, we pride ourselves on educating our customers and making sure they are fully aware of the details of their purchase. We guarantee we can provide the highest quality diamonds and jewelry that is made in America at an unbeatable price. Give us a call this holiday season. We’d love to earn your business!


J&M Jewelry Hosts Fashion & Style Expert Dawn Del Russo This Month In Houston Texas

J&M Jewelry™

We are excited to be hosting fashion and style expert Dawn Del Russo at our Houston headquarters this month. Dawn is an author, On-Air TV style expert, Seen on Access Hollywood Live, ENews, Extra TV and much more. She is located in the New Jersey and New York areas and always stays up with the latest trends. She will be collaborating with J&M Jewelry for some exclusive interviews and a sneak peak of some of our Asher & Emerald Collection® pieces. Stay tuned for more updates and videos from this project. In the mean time, go check out her Blog and follow Dawn on social media @dawndelrusso.

Dawn Del Russo

Official Trademark Registration For Asher & Emerald Collection®

J&M Jewelry™

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted official registration to J&M Jewelry for our exclusive Asher & Emerald Collection®. Registration No. 5,837,463 gives J&M Jewelry the exclusive protection to the name Asher & Emerald Collection® for the classification of Jewelry. This is exciting news and we are gearing up our marketing and production to continue to grow this line.