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7312 Louetta Rd B118 #606


We are Manufacturers, Wholesalers, & Designers. We specialize in custom designed luxury diamond and gemstone jewelry. 


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Happy July Birthday!

J&M Jewelry

The Birthstone of July is...



Rubies are highly valued and known as the king of gems. They represent love, wisdom and good health.

Rubies also used to be thought of as good fortune for whomever the owner or person wearing it was.

They are of the most valuable gemstones, increasing in value based on color, size, and quality.

The deepness of the color the Ruby gives off is the most valued feature. Rubies are available in a variety of hues, including red, blue/purplish and orange-red. The rich, red color with a slightly blue hue if the most sought after color of Ruby.

The color is sometimes referred to as "pigeon blood", which can be found in a "Burmese Ruby".

At J&M Jewelry we pride ourselves in only carrying genuine gemstones and diamonds. If you have any questions regarding loose gemstone sales or products please contact us at

J&M Jewelry Featured on DV Closet

J&M Jewelry

J&M Jewelry has been featured on the popular site, DV closet. Read the article here to learn more about our brand, popular products, and our new and exclusive jewelry line; the Asher & Emerald Collection™.



Asher & Emerald Collection Catalog

J&M Jewelry

You've Waited...So We've Created. 

The Asher & Emerald Collection™ Catalog is finally here! Browse the catalog for details and inspiration when creating your customizable piece from the Asher & Emerald Collection™. 


Are you Team Emerald Cut...or Team Asscher Cut?

Asscher cut is a very unique and trendy cut, that you won't often see applied to a gemstone. The steps or facets on the table of the gemstone create a Hall of Mirrors effect, highlighting the beautiful qualities and eliminating viewability of inclusions.

The Emerald cut is very similar, an elongated version of the asscher cut, with the same Hall of Mirrors effect. The emerald cut one of the most unique available with a gorgeous and very distinct vintage look. Emerald cut stones also have a 5% larger surface area than its princess cut counterparts.

In the Asher and Emerald Collection™, there are pendants, anniversary bands, cocktail rings, earrings and bracelets that feature small, medium and large Emerald and Asscher Cut Gemstones.


Each piece is available in 7 different gemstone variations including:

  1. Light Purple Amethyst

  2. Dark Purple Amethyst

  3. Green Amethyst

  4. Citrine

  5. Pink Topaz

  6. White Topaz

  7. Blue Topaz

The color of 14K gold is also fully customizable, choose from yellow, white or rose gold.

Interested in shopping the collection now?! Click Here! Or view the complete catalog below!