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J&M Jewelry has involvement in many facets in the jewelry, diamond, gemstone, and precious metal industries.  Including direct mine access and all aspects of manufacturing. Our operations consist of 5 Divisions which specialize in all sections of the jewelry industry. Consisting of Manufacturing & Design, Wholesaling & B2B, Direct to Public & Private Sales, Investment & Estate Jewelry, and our Service division. Our team has the experiences and resources to assist any of your needs in all sectors including but not limited to:

Custom Design Concept Sketch Banner

Manufacturing & Design

  • Diamond / Gemstone Cutting & Polishing

  • Production of Standard Product

  • Custom Designs

  • 3D CAD Jewelry Design

  • Private Labeling & Product Line Development

Wholesale & B2B

  • Inventory Services (Loose goods & finished jewelry)

  • Certified Diamonds

  • Genuine Gemstones

  • Memo / Consignment Terms Upon Approval

  • Production Orders

  • Custom Designs

  • 3D CAD Jewelry Design

  • Private Labeling & Product Line Development


Direct to Consumer Sales

  • Direct Sales to the Private Client

  • Custom Designs

  • Online & By Appointment Only

Investment & Estate Jewelry Sales

  • Investment Diamond / Gemstone Sales

  • Facilitation of Sales for Estate or Auction Pieces

  • Precious Metal Sales & Refining



  • Gemstone Cutting, Polishing, & Faceting

  • Repairs & Bench Work

  • Appraisals

  • Services for Insurance Agency's

  • Laboratory Grading Reports

  • Precious Metal Sales & Refining

  • 3D CAD Jewelry Design

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