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Internships: Exclusively for Texas State University Students

Looking for an Internship?

Do you like to think out of the box? Are you creative? Do you like jewelry?

J&M Jewelry might have the perfect opportunity for you.

Searching for an internship that fits all of your wants can be very exhausting. Here at J&M Jewelry our internships are jam packed with real life experiences, education, and career opportunities.

Internships that we are currently offering are:


Event Marketing





Insight from a previous Intern and what she experienced

My name is Christi Cuesta. And I completed my Internship with J&M Jewelry on August 15, 2022.


A little Educational background on me:

I attended Texas State University, starting in 2020, and graduated with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in December 2022. Just like you, I know how tiring the search for an internship can be. It's frustrating to get to the last stage and then find out that the company isn't what you thought it was, or the job doesn't offer as much experience as you had hoped to gain. At J&M Jewelry, you can be sure to get an honest answer, and you'll have the chance to gain practical experience in your chosen field of work. At J&M, you will never stop growing and learning. "The sky is the limit," as Cory Moore always likes to tell me.

How was the Internship Structured?

This internship provided me with invaluable hands-on and real-life experience that is truly unparalleled. To simplify, I will break down the internship into three main components:

  1. Industry Knowledge

  2. Business Knowledge

  3. Chosen Internship Field Experience

During my marketing internship at J&M Jewelry, I gained a deep understanding of the jewelry industry. In my first month, I acquired a comprehensive grasp of the company's operations, which laid a strong foundation for maximizing the internship's benefits. My primary project, assigned by Cory, involved creating a 6-month marketing plan for a social media campaign. This opportunity allowed me to not only develop my own ideas but also collaborate with him to craft and optimize the plan. Subsequently, I took on the responsibility of scheduling, content creation, and executing the plan.

Following the completion of my internship, I was offered a part-time role as a marketing associate, which I gladly accepted. I have now been with the company for over seven months.

I am immensely grateful to J&M Jewelry for fostering an inviting and welcoming environment, for providing me with opportunities, and most importantly, for investing in my growth.

The J&M Jewelry Internship exceeded my expectations and provided me with more than I could have hoped for from any internship. It was an incredibly hands-on experience, and I cannot recommend it enough to future students. While this internship demands time and dedication, if you are genuinely committed to learning, J&M Jewelry will teach you more than you can imagine!


It is never too early to gain experience…


We Invite You To Contact Us & Learn More:

This internship is exclusively for Texas State University students.

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