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2023 Men's Jewelry Trends

Men's Fashion

Have you noticed the increase in men wearing Jewelry?

Jewelry, stereotypically, has always been catered more to women. But with a shift in fashion trends, jewelry for men is rapidly becoming more popular.

I mean, just a couple of years ago men were barely wearing their wedding rings. Now you can walk down the street and see a man covered in jewelry. Everything from earrings, to rings covering almost every finger, even bracelets, and now layered necklaces.

Men have definitely stepped up their jewelry game.
A man in a suit wearing the Mens Signature ring

Major trends in men's jewelry right now that can help you spice up your style.

Mens Rings

On an all-time rise. Men's rings. No, I'm not talking about a traditional wedding ring. Wearing rings on multiple fingers. You could go with a simple silver ring to keep it elegant or go with something a little more bold. Popular materials include tungsten, stainless steel, and titanium, as well as gold and silver. Popular colors are black, gunmetal gray, and rose gold.

The Asher & Emerald Collection® for Men is the perfect ring for a man trying to up his ring game.

This is a nice classy ring that will match with anything! This ring is available in stainless steel and with a durable nanotech plating in yellow gold, rose gold, and matte black finish.

It is sleek and modern to keep you looking upscale as ever!


When wearing a suit you want to ensure you are looking put together. This is another way to increase your style with cufflinks that match your ring!

Men Necklaces

Necklaces have definitely made their way over to be a men's fashion accessory.

1. Chunky chain necklaces will continue to be a popular trend in men's jewelry for the next few years. Worn alone or layered with other pieces, these necklaces make a bold statement.

2. Minimalist jewelry is always in style. Look for simple pieces that don’t overpower the look, but still give you the perfect accent.

Mixed Material Jewelry:

Mixed material jewelry is a great way to give a modern edge to a classic piece. Whether it's a silver ring with a gold inlay or a bracelet with a combination of stones and metals, mixed material jewelry is sure to add a unique touch to any outfit.

Personalized or Custom Jewelry:

Personalized and custom jewelry is becoming increasingly popular for men. Whether it's a necklace with a meaningful message, a ring with a special engraving, or a complete custom piece. This is a great way to make a piece more meaningful.

How unique is this bulldog ring?

Men are now being able to express themselves and step out into this new world of jewelry. These are just some of the options J&M Jewelry has to offer but look at our shop! We have tons of mens Jewelry that can up your fashion game!


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