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Fancy Yellow Diamonds & Their Color Scale

Unlike white diamonds Fancy Yellow Diamonds have their own grading scale that classifies these colored diamonds into 4 categories based on their natural hue. The 4 Fancy Yellow categories are Light Fancy Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, & Fancy Vivid Yellow. These color saturations are created by the earth during the time the diamond was created. Yellow diamonds get their color due to the existence of nitrogen molecules which absorb blue light. Buying fancy colored yellow diamonds that are GIA certified is the only way to ensure you are receiving a genuine natural fancy yellow diamond and not a lower color diamond on the white diamond scale. White diamonds are graded on the color scale ranging from D - Z. The diamonds nearest to D are considered to be colorless or near colorless. The closer the diamond color gets to Z the more present you will see tints of yellow and brown. Often times diamonds that display a faint tint of yellow and are considered “XYZ” diamonds on the white color scale are passed off as fancy yellow diamonds. In reality they are not fancy yellow diamonds and do not fall within the 4 categories mentioned above. Colored diamonds are more rare than white diamonds and buying a fancy colored diamond with a proper certification is the only way to ensure you are receiving the quality you think you are. At J&M Jewelry we only provide genuine fancy colored diamonds that are GIA certified. To learn more about colored diamonds or to inquiry about our current selection of fancy colored diamonds please contact us to speak with a diamond specialist.

Pictured is the fancy yellow diamond scale. Starting from Fancy light yellow to fancy vivid yellow.


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