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Bridgerton Jewelry: A Look at Season 3 Episode 1

Welcome back to the J&M Jewelry Bridgerton Series! Today, we're diving into the dazzling world of episode one. 

Since I can't share the Netflix footage here, I'll be describing the jewelry looks in detail and sharing my thoughts throughout the episode.  Feel free to leave your comments below as well!

Penelope Featherington: The Queen of Playful

We start strong with Penelope Featherington. Right off the bat, she's rocking a light lime green gemstone necklace that perfectly complements her yellow dress with rosebud details.  This playful and colorful combination is a signature Penelope style.

Lady Bridgerton's Statement Pearls

Next up, Lady Bridgerton makes a grand entrance with a stacked pearl necklace. This stacked look adds a touch of texture and elegance to her outfit. It's a great inspiration for those who want to incorporate pearls into a modern wardrobe.

Diamonds Take Center Stage

Francesca Bridgerton enters the scene wearing a beautiful diamond necklace with a classic drop setting. This piece is simple yet sophisticated, showcasing the timeless beauty of diamonds.

A Royal Choker for Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte's jewelry makes a bold statement this episode. She's sporting a thick choker, a style that isn't for everyone. While I personally prefer a more elongated neck look, this piece could be reimagined with a modern twist. Perhaps using multiple strands of pearls in varying sizes to achieve a similar effect.

Chokers Rule the Debut Ball

It seems like chokers are all the rage this season! Every character we've seen so far has donned one. Lady Danbury's choker is another chunky design, this time featuring leather and silver beads. While it's not my favorite look, it definitely highlights the choker trend in Bridgerton.

Penelope's Evolving Style

Back to Penelope! We see a shift in her jewelry choices as she wears a choker, a diamond necklace, and a line bracelet. This combination hints at a more mature style emerging for Penelope, and I'm here for it!

Jewelry That Never Goes Out of Style

Chris concludes the episode by highlighting his favorite jewelry pieces: chokers for their structural look, delicate necklaces for their timeless elegance, and line bracelets and eternity bands for their enduring popularity.

What are your favorite looks?

We are excited to hear from you!  Leave a comment below with your favorite jewelry moments from episode one.  We'll be discussing a wider range of jewelry tastes as we delve into future episodes, featuring both chunky and dainty pieces.

Stay tuned for episode two, where we'll explore more of the dazzling jewelry world of Bridgerton!


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