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Build Your Engagement Ring Step-By-Step

Shopping for an engagement ring can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re looking to design your own ring or just select a ring from one of the many available selections, building your engagement ring can be an incredibly rewarding process.

1. The Center Stone:

The center stone is the most important part of an engagement ring. It is typically a diamond, but you can choose any gemstone that you like.

Pick a Stone Shape, Carat Size, Clarity, and Color of your choosing.

Carat to millimeter size Reference

2. Band:

The band is part of the ring that encircles the finger. It is usually made of gold, but you can choose other metals if you prefer, such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. You have many options to choose from, such as a classic solitaire band, a pavè diamond-filled band, a criss-crossed metal band, or one with a unique design – the possibilities are endless!

3. Accents:

Accents on an engagement ring are small diamonds, gemstones, or other decorative elements that are set around the main stone of the ring. They can be used to enhance the beauty of the ring and to provide contrast or balance to the design. They can also be used to add symbolism or to represent something special to the couple. A halo is a type of popular diamond accent setting in which a circle of smaller diamonds surrounds the main diamond.

Gold halo ring

6. Finishing Touches:

The finishing touches are the small details that make an engagement ring unique. These can include engraving, polishing, and other decorative features.


Popular Engagement Ring Styles

  1. Pavè

  2. Corded

  3. Solitaire

  4. Antique or vintage

  5. Halo

  6. Muti-stoned


Now Its Our Turn! Lets Custom Design Your Perfect Ring!

Popular Ring styles


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